flick: (Default)
Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-13 11:40 am

Now the road's flooded....

1) I always complain about the crows in our field: they pick through the boys poo looking for insects, and make it harder to pick up. I should stop, though, because the Summer Pasture has something worse: badgers. They don't bother picking through the poo, they just dig straight through the middle of it to get at the big dung beetles in their little holes. Poor beetles.

2) I found Magrat's nest! Haha! Now to remember to check it a couple of times a day until we find out if the others are using it, and how often. It is, of course, in the roots of a spiky shrub.

3) Poor Jo doesn't like thunder at all. Nor does our electricity supply, apparently, as it went off somewhere else for an hour or so!

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