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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-05 07:30 pm

Rush rush....

One of those days!

- Did laundry.

- Up and rode GB, who continues to do spiffingly well (we shall see what happens when the weather turns cold again), while Mike rode Bugs (who is coming on very nicely, and had a bit of lightbulb moment recently: hurrah!).

- Poo picked (we're having to do it every day just now, a combination of the gate to the summer field being at the top of the field, so you have to move all the poo up the steep hill, and the grass being incredibly long and plentiful while having almost nothing in it, so they're eating constantly (which is very good for them)) and mucked out.

- Said hello to the solar panel guys, who've now done most of the installation: just the electrics to hook up tomorrow.

- Taken the Tesco delivery and put it away, asked Mike to hang out laundry as I ran out of the house.

- Dashed off to Pilates (annoyingly, arrived there on time but then had to hang around for ten minutes waiting for parking: note to self, must get there early), which I'm continuing to enjoy at the old-place-with-new-instructor.

- Back home (hurrah! No Operation Stack making me drive cross-country!) and a quick lunch.

- Walked the pooch.

- Sorted out The Horse Next Door while he had his back done (an hour's notice, grr, and amreally not impressed with what Next Door's Back Lady was doing: trying to figure out if I should Say Something to Mrs Next Door).

- Finally managed to have a shower, dodging solar panel guys as I did so (the fuse box is outside the shower...)!

- Made tomatillo passata (experimental, but there's only so much salsa verde we can eat and it seems like it should work instead of regular passata for things like chicken fajitas).

- Went to the hospital for my ultrasound (now only twice a week).

- Sat down! With a Healthy Fruit Drink, no less!

- Put laundry away.

- Picked beans for dinner and tomatoes on principle.

- Brought the horses down the hill and put them in the stableyard for a bit (this seems to work better than bringing them down the over-shadowed road when it's getting gloomy, although the ducks object to being shut in the garden when they usually go and hang out outside their house in the evening.

- Heard Mike calling me to dinner!

- Hit post.

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