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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-08-02 04:29 pm


I've now finished my second week on the ultrasound trial, and don't seem to be having problems as a result of it. Next week, I only have to go twice, which is nice and would be more flexible except that the guy doing it is only there on Monday and Tuesday. Which is when our hay is being delivered. Joy.

I spent a few hours out in the garden yesterday and the day before, taming the fedge (which had indeed pretty much managed six feet in the first year). I've not taken any of the length off it, just moved it around a bit (the fist picture is mid-way through):

(Annoyingly, there are a couple of places where it's not growing so well, because it's competing with other stuff or where the soil is poor. I have tied it in there, but it looks a lot less neat and tidy.)

This morning, Mike was going to use Magrat's giant egg for breakfast. Fortunately, he cracked it into the bowl first....

(It didn't smell, but then we deliberately didn't break the membrane on what I can only call the second yolk. We have no idea at all.)

Edit: Thanks to clanwilliam: it's this, I'm fairly sure.

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