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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-07-20 02:23 pm


Off to the hospital this afternoon, to start the (double blind) ultrasound trial on my wrists. Before we started, the consultant did more measurements and said my nerves were at 11mm on the right and 9mm on the left. This was with a different machine to last time (when I got 9mm on both), and it usually gives results that are about a mm smaller than the other one does.

Then I had goop poured on my right wrist and had it ultrasounded for fifteen minutes. I suspect that we're going to get low on small talk by the end of this. It's a bit stiff now, but that could just as easily be because I had to hold it still while someone rubbed it with a lump of plastic for fifteen minutes....

On the pony front, since GB got his hat off (twice: I left it on him overnight to try and stop him from rubbing his eyes) I've been deliberately tangling it up in his headcollar and leaving them both on him all the time, which seems to be working: he's not had it off again, and while they're still a bit sore-looking and weepy they're not nearly as bad as they were either on Saturday or for a large chunk of last summer. I think Bugs may have had a lightbulb moment, because we've gone from "fight for a couple of circuits of the school to get me to loosen the reins before grudgingly doing three steps with his head in the correct position" to "hold head up in the air for a quarter of a circuit and then go all the way around with it correct, only stopping when I let go". He's coming on really well.

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