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Flick ([personal profile] flick) wrote2015-01-18 04:44 pm

Alas, poor fishie

(Yuck, new DW beta update page is hideous. They've increased the font size and added acres of white space, presumably to make it easier to use on a mobile, so you now have to scroll and scroll and scroll. In what universe does anyone need a 1000-pixel-wide dropdown to distinguish between the names of their icons? I've slightly improved it by manually changing the font size for the page, but it's still enormous in the text entry box and generally bleh. Anyway.)

It appears that our last indoor fish is no more. I saw him a few days ago, but then my mother asked why we had an empty fish tank and I couldn't find him to show her, yesterday or today. Ah well, they had a good run.

(The visit seemed to go well. No one died!)

This afternoon, we've been pruning trees in the garden. This evening, as it's forecast to be below freezing until mid-morning, we're going to defrost the freezer.

I heard today that our new vegetable planters are ready, and should be with us mid-week, and I had a small accident buying plants online....

It's exciting, out in the countryside!

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