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♥Dec. 18th, 2015 // 05:34 pm
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I tried to use my laptop without my glasses on, this morning, and couldn't read until I poked my nose up to the screen. Guess I've got used to the new prescription, then.

Rode GB yesterday: we just went for a little wander down the lane and then into the school for a few minutes. I did have a canter, but only on the good leg. All seemed ok.

Also yesterday, the boys had their 'flu jabs (which went fine), as a result of which Mike actually looked at GB's passport: it turns out (that it says) he's a couple of years younger than we'd always thought, so he's not actually 30 yet.

Today, I have mostly been tired. Not sure what's going on there, but I've been tired for a few days now. Hope I'm not poorly.
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Bits and bobs

♥Dec. 15th, 2015 // 04:22 pm
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The parents have been and gone. We had a fairly good time, although the weather wasn't terribly nice: at least it was mostly dry. I kept staying up far too late chatting, oops. It was Mike's work Chirstmas do on Monday, so they took me out for a lovely dinner at Deeson's.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday, and have been wearing them since I got home: no headaches, which is always nice, so I think they're ok. I also got a copy of my prescription: R -1.25, -2.0, 20; L -0.75, -3.0, 160 (was R: -0.5, -2.0, 25; L: -0.5, -2.75, 155, so the change is more eyesight and less astigmatism than I'd thought).

The splashback for behind the Aga arrived, so the decorator came back and fitted it (eventually: it was a tight fit!) and finished off the painting. It looks very nice, now that it's all done, so we're pleased with it. I must leave him some good feedback on MyBuilder: we'd definitely use him again.

I had a rather depressing riding lesson on Tuesday: it should have been Mike's turn to ride GB, but I've been a bit worried about his bad leg (I jumped on him for a quick fifteen minute ride on Monday, and he was fine until I cantered on the bad leg after which my very non-horsey mother could see that his walk wasn't right) so I rode him instead. Our instructor was quite pleased that we'd not stuck to the usual pattern because she'd been struggling to think of enough things that he was still able to do with Mike riding to fill 45 minutes. We did half an hour, and decided that he probably can't have lessons with me riding either (I might go back to just doing fifteen minutes, which we did for a little while last winter, but he's worse this year than he was then so it may not work). Just have to play it by ear, I guess. If I can get him through the winter, he should perk up again in spring, but it's still incredibly mild here (nothing below 8C on the seven day, 24 hour forecast!) so I'm very worried about what will happen if we have a bad January and/or February as they've been forecasting.

This morning, I had Pilates (we did Pilates circuit training, which was fun but a bit too (ie, at all) sweaty for my tastes), and this afternoon I've been boxing up the presents that need posting ready for Mike to take them to the Post Office tomorrow. I've also put the Christmas tree up, and now I'm really quite knackered.

I have a small pile of misc consumer electronics that are looking for a new homes (perfectly fine if annoyingly controlled microwave, digital radio that probably just needs a new power cable, Dyson that works but not as well as it should so probably needs a thorough service). Do charities take electrical goods any more? Any other ideas?
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New specs

♥Dec. 3rd, 2015 // 02:42 pm
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This afternoon, in the woods, Jodie acquired a lovely yellow leaf in one ear. It was terribly stylish and more than usually firmly attached, although she still lost it before she got home. Not to be out-done, Esme got herself a tasteful leaf necklace, which she wore for the rest of the day (until I took it off as she went in to bed, just in case it was potentially painful):

After we brought the boys in, I went into Canterbury for a bit of shopping and an eye test: new glasses the week after next, and (hurrah! finally! hate the bloody wonky things!) new sunglasses as well. I've just realised that they didn't give me my new prescription on a card, which is annoying. I hope it's not New Policy on the grounds that they can look it up for you on the computer if needed, especially given that their computer obviously sucks (rather than be able to just look it up, someone had to spend half an hour trying to call the branch in London that my previous pair came from to find out how much lens thinning they had on them and, when she eventually got through, was told that they couldn't find the record...). Must remember to ask for it when I go to collect the new ones.

The change is mostly (as ever) on my astigmatism. They have a fancy new (to me) machine that they use instead of the big metal frames with the slot-in lenses: much, much quicker (especially for the astigmatism bit, which always used to take forever), but gave me odd visual effects when the 'lenses' were changing from one setting to another (especially for the astigmatism bit). I suspect I'd have felt nauseous if I were that way inclined.

Right at the end, after I'd chosen my frames and lenses, the not-optician used a Device to measure my pupil distance and went "hmmm," especially when I casually 'mentioned' that I'd had to get my last pair re-made after they got it wrong (gosh, five years ago!). He took my current glasses away to see what the measurement was on those, and came back with the optician, who used the Device, went 'hmmm,' used a ruler, used a different ruler, want 'hmmm' some more about the fact that all four readings were different, and eventually told him to get them made the same as my current pair.

(Mike got new glasses a couple of weeks ago as well: a reading pair and a driving pair spare reading pair ("My driving prescription hasn't changed in 20 years!"), for an eighth of what my pair plus half-price sunglasses cost. Sigh.)

On the way home, I heard Hilary Benn's speech from last night on PM . Gosh, that was rather good, wasn't it? (Whether you agree with him / his politics or not, IMO.)
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♥May. 15th, 2014 // 03:19 pm
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Today has been somewhat frantic. I woke up still feeling crap, but GB had to be ridden so I dashed around doing that (I'm afraid I mostly just cantered him around in circles, lacking the effort to do anything proper with him) and mucking out before taking Jo off to the vet. She's back in on Monday for the op: there's more of it under the skin, but it's not attatched to the muscle underneath. "It might even be benign," the vet said, which sounded reassuring until I thought about it.

Then I came home, had some lunch, completely failed to raid Mike's pockets for change to top up the parking money in the car and, late, headed off to Canterbury. I got to the car park five minutes before my optician appointment, a ten minute walk away, and then spent what felt like ages feeding 5p coins into the parking machine. Still, I wasn't too late to have my eyes tested (all fine, my prescription's a bit worse than it was but not enough that they recommend new glasses), and I even fluttered my eyelashes at the chap on the till and got him to melt my sunglasses back into shape (this is about the third time I've had to do so: I once left them in the glove compartment on a very hot day, and they always seem to creep back into the wonky position that they melted into). I was surprised that I made it to my waxing appointment on time, but I did. Unfortunately, I had to cut off part of the girl's to-do list, and scrap the other errands that needed running, because I needed to get back to the car park.... Hey ho!

TWWOTV's new set of drain rods arrived yesterday, so after I got back Mike connected them onto the end of her old set and had another go at the drain. No sign of any blockage, which was odd. He had me run up and flush the loo, and it drained away no problem. The thing that worries me slightly is that we couldn't then see the water flowing out of what we *thought* was the other end of the pipe and into the septic tank.... Well, fingers crossed.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike expressed a desire for shelves in the shed, and it is true that the pile of gardening stuff on the floor was awkward. As they worked well in the store room, I thought I'd get him more of the metal Ikea shelves. And, as I was placing an order anyway, I thought I'd get myself some for the conservatory, instead of using the old dining table for plants:

Much better, and they'll get more sun on that side of the conservatory as well.

(I predict that there will be many people having problems with the new LJ. Astonishingly, given that istr that I'm still using S1, everything is working fine for me. The work around if you can't see comments on entries is apparently to find the 'View comment pages in my own style' option or, as a temporary fix, append &style=mine tot he end of the URL.)
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Eye test

♥Mar. 19th, 2012 // 06:39 pm
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R: -0.5, -2.0, 25
L: -0.5, -2.75, 155
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♥Mar. 15th, 2012 // 03:59 pm
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Does anyone have anything particularly good / bad to say about Boots opticians?

I've always used D&A, which have now been bought by Boots. I'm not going to use my local branch, whatever it's now called, as they messed up my last pair of glasses, and the branch that I went to to get them sorted out isn't there any more as it was too close to a big Boots.

Alternatively, does anyone have anything particularly good to say about any of the other chains, particularly for non-straightforward prescriptions?

(Today, we went for a ride in the woods, and it was lovely and sunny. This contrasted with my journey to pilates, before which I had to send Mike an sms asking if I needed to use the fog lights, and if so how....)
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