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In the quilting mines

♥Apr. 23rd, 2016 // 08:23 pm
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It's getting there: I'm about half way done. I had to order more thread, I thought that the enormous reel I'd bought would be enough but apparently not!

Note to self: life is much easier (or at least, more forgiving) when the quilt backing is a similar colour to the background of the front so that the stitches don't show so much on the back. I fear that I have learnt this lesson before but it failed to sink in.

I'm now using the new laptop: seems to be going ok, although I'm still not quite used to the keyboard: even for me it's got very little travel, so I'm sometimes failing to hit a key / hitting a key accidentally on my way past it. People who like Proper Clicky Keyboards shouldn't get the new MacBook. It doesn't have a magsafe power connector (which makes sense given that it's the same port as the USB), but even allowing for that it needs a serious (two-handed) yank to pull it out. I dare say I'll get used to that, though.

Bugs finished his two week rest today, and was still lame: time to get the vet back and spend some serious money....
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Foiled you!

♥Apr. 21st, 2016 // 02:08 pm
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I'm pleased to say that our mighty human intellects (and ability to use a hammer and some chicken wire) seem to have foiled the ducks. It's nice to know we're smarter than some of the animals....

GB, despite his best attempts to bite me on the head (ow) is also foiled, or at least his bad leg seems to be, for now. He's doing really well, so much so that I think Mike will be usefully able to have lessons on him again soon: we've got through another winter, that's the main thing!

I've been quilting, which has gone both more quickly than I expected and less quickly than I'd been led to believe by the throw-away comments of Chap From The Sewing Bee. I am at least generating fewer 'go back and fix that by hand' instances than I was, which is also good.

I also seem to have a new laptop: as ever, I wasn't really listening when Mike said "so, do you want a new laptop?", and vaguely thought I was agreeing to something that might happen in a few months. It was a little surprising when he handed me an Apple Store bag when he got home from work this evening. Tomorrow, I shall play with it, for tonight I'll struggle on with my unusable keyboard!
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♥May. 12th, 2014 // 11:13 am
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Last night before bed, I went out to have a look at the boys and check that they seemed ok. Baby was happily munching away, but I couldn't spot GB. I thought he might be in his stable, but then he appeared from behind the much skip, which is where he stands when he's getting out of the wind/rain. He hurried over and looked at me as if to say "What's going on? I should be in bed by now!", and then followed me over to his stable. I pointed, and he went inside. Then he followed me back out again, and stood on the concrete looking at me as I went back to the house.

This morning, Mike went out to give them their breakfast and they were both standing in their stables, waiting for him, as if their doors were shut. However, they can't have been there all night: there were no wet patches, and there was less poo than usual. We note, however, that one of the piles of poo in Baby's stable looked very much as though it has come out of GB's bum.

(I did leave the camera out there, but it was too dark to really check where it was pointing and it turns out that where it was pointing was 'mostly at the sky', so no use!)

In other news, I have wasted far too much time today trying to move my tab bar back to where it bloody well belongs, below the address bar: the new version of Firefox disables to old about:config work around. A couple of people report having found extensions that fix it, but others report that you have to re-do the setting every time you open Firefox. There's supposedly a way of doing it in the config files, but I tried that and it made no difference. I'm going to set Mike on it.
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There and back and there and...

♥Feb. 4th, 2012 // 06:20 pm
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Fairly early start today, off to the yard where I had an appointment to get GB's saddle looked at*. Thankfully, although I'm still a bit feverish/achey/rashy, I feel much better today than I did yesterday.

I got GB ready, and the time of the appointment came and went, and in the end I thought "sod it" and started riding him: as expected, this caused the saddler to appear five minutes later. Much to the relief of my bank balance, the saddler was far more optimistic than I'd thought** and, after a little poking and prodding and unscrewing bits to have a look inside, he announced that it was a newer saddle than I'd thought and so had convenient spaces where he could put extra padding inside, to thicken up the airbags. A couple of experiments and sessions watching me ride around, and the saddle now has new pads at the front and back and - considering that they're only a few millimetres thick - feels much nicer. After the second set of pads went in, I felt GB go "Ooh yes, that's better"*** and off he went with a lovely trot! £60, of which £10 was for the pads and the rest a very well spent call-out fee.

I stayed around and talked to my Loan Girl and her parents for a bit (it was actually her day, but was the only time the saddler could do) and then, slightly worried by the (admittedly very few and small) white cold things floating around in the air****, headed home. As I came off the A2, I thought "I wonder where my phone is...?" and then spent the Blackheath traffic jam rooting around in my bag and coat pockets, before concluding that it must just be in the wrong place in my bag and resolving to look for it when I got home. When I did get home, the first thing Mike said was "Loan Girl's Mum phoned, she's got your phone...."

So, off I went again, back to the yard. Sigh. On the plus side, it had fallen on the floor of the stable, with GB in there, in front of the cupboard that he knew contained a full treat ball and had been trying to get into, and yet he hadn't stood on it. Phew.

This afternoon, I have mostly been packing for Holiday (minor panic about my sunglasses, but I eventually found them in the place where they live on my fourth or fifth check) and watching Mike try to resuscitate my laptop*****.

* The change to his work levels and lifestyle were likely to mean he'd change shape, so I wanted to get it looked at anyway, but also he's been getting a slightly rubbed patch at the back of the saddle over the last month or so, and he was feeling noticeably less free in his movement in his regular saddle than in the newly-fitted side saddle.

** Last time it was looked at, the conclusion was that I'd probably get another six months or year out of it if I put an extra pad under the saddle, so I was expecting that it would have to be replaced.

*** Loan Girl arrived towards the end of the fiddling, and saw that bit: "He looks happy with that!" she said, before later (when she was riding) complaining that his trot was bouncier than usual. "Yes, dear, that's because he's actually moving forwards, which I suspect he never normally does when you're on him...."

**** This was all that there was, thankfully: I was rather worried about the prospect of driving if it arrived earlier than forecast. We're apparently due to get the snow setting in for the night Any Moment Now, according to the Twitter snow tracking, but nothing as of yet. I'm not planning on going to the yard tomorrow!

***** He's been saying "I must re-build your laptop soon" for the last six months, and in the last few weeks it's been having slightly funny turns, but it was trying to do the latest software update that did for it. It spent most of the day being de-fragged, and the second try at the update worked: phew. New laptop this year, I think.
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