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This isn't going to end well, is it?

My passport expires in a few months, so (being the organised sort) I applied for a new one.

It was a surprisingly smooth process, and the passport office has been sending me lots of status update emails, the most recent of which was on the 2nd and said that my passport had been dispatched.

So I waited for Postman Rob, or DPD Darren, or Proud Parcelforce Grandad, or Yodel Guy With The Ferrets, or maybe even FedEx Guy Who Goes Next Door A Lot, but none of them brought me my passport. (Well, Postman Rob brought me my old one back, but that's less useful.)

And then I had a letter from DX Delivery, saying that they'd been unable to deliver it and I could arrange redelivery online or I could call them on their premium-rate phone number. Rather suspicious at the absence of a while-you-were-out card, which does tend to suggest that the driver didn't actually bother to come here, I went onto the website to see what the tracking said (nothing), then went looking for a geographic phone number and found some really bloody awful reviews / rants / complaints.

It seemed safest to call the passport office, so that they'd have a record of it, so I did that (got through instantly; nearly fell over) and pretended that I hadn't had the letter. The nice lady there could looked up the tracking information, and it said that the driver had been unable to access the property: did I live in a block of flats, maybe? Er, no.

(So it's a toss up between 'driver just didn't bother coming' and 'driver came down the hill, saw TWWOTV's Bloody Gate, decided opening a gate wasn't in his job description, reversed back up the hill and went away'.)

Then she put me through to DXDelivery, which at least meant I didn't have to keep looking for a geographic number, and then I sat on hold for about ten minutes while I read terrible and near-identical reviews on TrustPilot, and then I hung up and booked the redelivery online: 9-5 tomorrow, if you pay a tenner they'll give you a 9-1 or 1-5 slot and then (based on the internet) fail to deliver during it.

I'm quite glad that I didn't leave the passport renewal to the last minute, because who knows how long it's going to be until I get it....

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