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GB stomped on my foot the other day, when I didn't have my boots on. At first, I just had a scraped patch of skin, but now I have Interesting Bruising as well:

(Fortunately, it's not all that sore, except when I'm putting my boots on or off.)

I was slightly disappointed when the Giant Thistle Of Doom that I had in the garden last year didn't self-seed anywhere. One seedling has finally appeared, but it's not really in an optimal place and I doubt I'll be able to move it:

(I have bought some more of the seeds, though. Must get them started, in fact.)

The Costco gladioli continue to all be pink. Oops. I now have two vases of the min the house, as I've been picking the ones that fall over.

I've read as far as the letter C, now, and yesterday read Clarke's A Fall Of Moondust, which I'd not come across before. As is so often the case with old SF, it's the oddest things that make you go 'yeah, right, as if': all the space ships are insured with Lloyds Of London. Bless!

Jo has her second swimming lesson this afternoon. I'll have to see if I can get a picture!
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Has a spaceship ever been insured, I wonder? Other that the Shuttle (and now Falcons), most are only used once.
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Hmmm - possibly. I wonder how long it'll be before we find out? :)

They do have to comply with their country's space flight rules, hence NZ's only just been allowed to shoot for the moon in a round-about-way...

Someone's going to have a lot of egg on their face if their rocket doesn't fly. :)