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More eggs! I suppose I'd better start feeding them on egg-laying food instead of just tasty, tasty corn. Wonder if it will last? (I stopped because they weren't eating it and then the misc corvids were getting it. At least if they just get corn I can put it underwater, so it's still there for them to come back to later.)

(In other duck news.... I was riding GB this morning when I heard lots of quacking, and I figured that they were just at the end of the garden having an argument about something. Turns out that they were, and the argument about whether or not they should go through the accidentally-left-open gate to the back garden. A few minutes later, they appeared and started poking around. Fortunately, given I was busy, they didn't make any moves towards the pond, or more to the point the nice tangly pond cover, and I herded them back out again when I'd sorted the horses out. They got into the field the other day, again through an open gate, but they've not shown any inclination to explore for a while now: another sign that they're getting hungrier.)

The new splashback for behind the new Aga arrived today, which is good: decorator's booked to come next week and fit it, and paint the new plaster work. I'm about 80% sure I've told him the right paint colour. Not like me to have not written it down.
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Speaking of poo, (as you do from time to time, if not in this post), I feel this will be of the utmost interest to you...

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Well, there you go! There's no money in horses, of course, but they'll be a good source of supplies for your dung beetle farm. It all should prove a nice little earner!

I always thought dung beetles were an African critter, but it seems they're most everywhere. Though they're an introduced specie in Australia (and now NZ.) Also: "Dung beetles are currently the only known non-human animal to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way." Clever little beetles.